Exclusive Private Tutoring is founded on building confidence and self-esteem in high school students. This is the most essential piece of success in college and beyond, and we are absolutely committed to giving our students the self-esteem they need to succeed.



Clarity gives students the motivation and drive to reach for their own success. You can stand back and support without having to convince them to meet your child’s highest potential!



For our ACT programs, we focus on giving students content in a very straight-forward way. We have diluted only what is needed to be successful on the test, and no extra fluff or confusion.

Ohio’s Top ACT Tutoring Company has moved to Arizona!

Exclusive Private Tutoring

Exclusive Private Tutoring provides the finest ACT Tutoring available in the Phoenix Valley, and maybe in the world (we work virtually)!

With a mission to improve student self-esteem, transform fear into success, and remove the burden of worry from parents. Exclusive Private Tutoring delivers a complete solution to the college admissions challenges families face.

Tutoring is more than just teaching or reteaching: it is an opportunity to transform students’ beliefs about themselves and create strong, motivated, and college-ready young adults.

Live tutoring, and group classes, available in Scottsdale, East Phoenix, and Paradise Valley.  Virtual Tutoring available for all others!

Anyone can teach content, but we change mindsets.

Work With Us

Since 2014, Exclusive Private Tutoring has worked with hundreds of college applicants! 

Our students have earned full-ride scholarships, gotten admitted to Top Tier and Ivy League schools, and have successfully navigated the college admissions process!

Working with us is not as simple as your typical test-prep company because we believe in quality not quantity.  To ensure that we can honestly help your child, we have an application process. Click below to schedule a call to speak with us, and let’s see if your child and is a right fit for our work together!

Every student who enters our program is given the best care and attention, and leave the program with amazing results!