Erin Donovan –  Owner of Exclusive Private Tutoring

M.A.Ed. Secondary Mathematics – Johns Hopkins University 

B.A. Mathematics – Denison University

Erin Donovan

Founder and CEO,

Exclusive Private Tutoring

Since officially starting her company in 2014, Erin has helped hundreds of students gain entrance into elite colleges; receive top scholarships; and enter college as confident, self-reliant, and thriving young adults.  

Erin received a full-ride scholarship to Denison University and graduated early to gain work experience.  She then joined Teach for America, moved to Baltimore City, and began working full-time as a math teacher in the inner-city schools. 

After graduating with a Master’s Degree from Johns Hopkins, she cut back her teaching hours in order to fulfill one of her life-goals to become a professional musical theater actress.  After 3 years of acting and teaching theater and dance, her passion for teaching took her overseas to Portugal, where she worked as a high school math teacher at the American School of Lisbon. 

Here, Exclusive Private Tutoring was born.  She began tutoring students on the side and realized the amazing transformation she could have with students when there was not a huge push by a school to accomplish specific tasks in a given amount of time. 

With this new realization, she moved back to the United States and began focusing her efforts on transforming students’ lives through the college admissions process.  

The impact that she has with her students is a constant motivator for Erin, and she anticipates the day that her methods are adapted all over the United States.  Her purpose is to change the face of education toward a method that takes students away from being “average” and catapults them into a lifetime of inner-strength, happiness, and success.