The Best ACT tutoring focuses on more than just the Test!

How we got started

Established in 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal 

Exclusive Private Tutoring started as a side-job.  Erin was a high school math teacher at the American School of Lisbon and started tutoring a number of students from the middle school.  

Her business exploded there, mainly due to her unique methods of teaching, and she has had the honor to reach hundreds of students since then! 

The business expanded quickly, and, as a result, group classes were added to increase the number of students who could benefit from working with Erin.   

Our mission is to raise students’ self-awareness and give them the skills necessary to succeed on the ACT, in college, and beyond!

Why Get Tutoring?

All of the services available at Exclusive Private Tutoring revolve around our mission:

To transform hundreds of high school students per year into college-ready young adults, who are ready to take on the world! We focus on getting students into elite colleges, helping them land amazing scholarships, and building unshakeable confidence within every student we have the opportunity to serve.

Our programs are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before…so dive deeply into the services we offer, and take the first steps into ensuring your child reaches their fullest potential and gets on track to a happy and successful life!

From elite private ACT tutoring, to amazing group classes, to our unique college readiness program, Exclusive Private Tutoring has everything you need to get your child into their top-choice, and make sure they are prepared to succeed in college and beyond!!!

How is this tutoring different than anyone else from my Google search?

ACT Success Academy is focused on getting students in the right frame-of-mind to succeed.

Most test-prep programs focus on the content and strategies needed in order to succeed on the ACT.  Throughout her life, Erin has learned what it takes to succeed, and she has broken these principles down to simple ideas that are easy to understand. 

The largest focus of our programs is focused on the fact that people do not do well when they are stressed or have the wrong mindset. 

Erin often likens this to a child trying to show their mother the cartwheel they just mastered.  They have it flawlessly again and again until the pressure is on to “perform.”  

 There are tons of hopeful students who go into an ACT test prepped by exceptional educators, and leave the test with a score no higher than they entered. 

 The reason for this is not bad tutoring, nor lack of dedication to a student’s assignments.  Stress messes with the brain, and you need to brain to be clear and free when taking an important test.  

We help!  We fix the problem at the root and remove the stress the students are facing.