Exclusive Private Tutoring helps high-achieving students get into elite colleges, get top scholarships, and get on the path to happiness and success. 

Does this sound like your child? 

  • Does well in school, but struggles on important tests 
  • Overworked, over-scheduled, and overwhelmed
  • Takes all the hardest classes, is a leader in everything they do, and is barely juggling all their commitments
  • Is taking college and their future so seriously that they may not enjoy the college experience. 


Do you worry that your child…

  • Will burn themselves out if they don’t learn to balance 
  • Will crumble under the pressure of a top tier or ivy league college 
  • Will not be able to handle the competition once in school
  • Will get into an amazing private school and you won’t be able to pay for it?


We understand and are here to help!