Erin’s ACT tutoring is spot on. She gives attention where it is needed and lets her students soar when they can. She teaches alongside PowerPoint presentations that are concise but thorough. Her homework is bearable, so students want to do it. It is well thought out so students can see that it will help them succeed. 

In addition to her expert tutoring, Erin provided heartfelt, honest advice pertaining to the ACT and taught the life skills needed to navigate the challenges and emotions that may come about with the test.

I highly recommend Erin to anyone looking to increase their ACT score and boost their confidence over a test dreaded by many. She has done wonders with so many students and will do the same with anyone she has the chance to teach. I was able to raise my score from a shaky 28 to a consistent 31/32. I know that that score will continue to rise with the arsenal of information I have from Erin.


I raised my ACT score by 8 points, got into my top choice, and was offered $80,000 in scholarships!
Once I began working with Erin, she gave me the confidence and tools to conquer math, and no longer feel afraid or intimidated when solving problems and taking tests. Her approach to teaching ACT material is extremely effective!
I had previously worked with several tutors, and I felt like nothing was working. Erin’s patience, dedication, and unique perspective allowed me to improve tremendously. Her calmness allowed me to stay focused and motivated when prepping for the ACT.
Her system of teaching allows the student to understand on a deeper, more comprehensive level. She asks a series of questions, never giving away the answer, but rather letting the student solve it themselves.
I recommend this program to everyone, and my mom referred several of my friends to Erin because of our results! Emily

I came in late to the class but Erin made me feel welcome and helped me catch up. This class gave me a different experience than the other ACT classes I’ve taken but in a good way. This class helped focus on the bigger problems concerning preparing for the ACT such as stress/anxiety towards the test, and fears about the future. Erin gives clear and detailed explanations to help improve your ACT score and gives you many ways to practice what she teachers.

Update: I just got my ACT score back from the September test. I got a 29! I’m really happy because that was my goal. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it (I was too scared to look so I made my friend look at it and tell me). Thanks for all the help! Abbie

After working with Erin Donovan, my daughter’s ACT score went up 7 points. This improved score puts her in the running for merit scholarships which more than justifies the cost of tutoring. I highly recommend Exclusive Private Tutoring!


I checked the ACT website this morning to see if my scores came back and they did! I went up 5 points!! 

The things that I learned during the mindset portion of the class will help me throughout my entire life and that is the reason why this class benefited me so much. I realized that what Erin was saying was real. She was not making up stories or tricking us. It was the truth. So, I paid attention and took everything in. She helped me realize my true potential and that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. When I went back to school, all of the teachers I had previous years commented on how much I had changed. The class really flipped my life around. 


This ACT prep class with Erin has been so helpful! Not only have I learned strategies and information to help me succeed on the test, but I have also learned how to manage stress, look at life from different perspectives, as well as how to be a happier and more successful person overall. I loved this class and I think anyone looking for a great tutor can find that with Erin Chloe