Don’t worry, it is totally normal for students (and parents) to feel overwhelmed and frustrated with the ACT.  This test is written to intentionally trick and confuse students; that is what makes the test so valued by colleges.

Private Tutoring with Erin

If you’re worried about your child’s test scores, their entry into college, or their future you don’t have to be.  

I’ve worked with hundreds of students 1-on-1, and in my group programs, and have consistently seen 1 common problem in EVERY student I have met: fear.

Fear makes students feel unprepared, and being unprepared compounds fear and causes anxiety. This leads to a vicious Anxiety-Cycle, which completely destroys your child’s ability to test at their optimal level.

My program solves the Anxiety-Cycle.

I have parents say that their child is a “bad test-taker,” but I don’t believe in bad test-takers. I believe in unprepared test-takers, and I believe in anxious test-takers.

I address preparedness by teaching students all of the content they need to know (in language they relate to and understand), all of the strategies they need in order to finish the test on time (without sacrificing their accuracy), and the tools they need to practice efficiently and effectively.

Anyone can teach content, but we change mindsets.

While most tutors focus on content and strategies, I work comprehensively with students to get them ready to have the best testing experience possible. I do not offer temporary solutions, but rather get to the root cause of academic struggles. I use cutting-edge techniques to eradicate your child’s fears and anxieties so he or she never encounters the same difficulties again.

The great news is that the skills and mindset principles with follow your child into college and beyond, and they will be able to continually reach higher levels of success and happiness than they would have with the typical tutoring options available.

Be advised that this is a premium service; it is a valuable investment in your child’s future. My private tutoring is an elite option for parents who want the most effective results, support, and experience for their child. If scholarships are a bigger concern, then my group classes are an excellent alternative.

If you want the highest ACT scores possible, then you need to work with best ACT tutor available. I am the expert at getting students exceptional scores, helping then overcome stress, eliminate test-anxiety, and release the pressure to succeed. Consider it an investment in your child’s future success and happiness.

Let’s have a conversation to see if my life-changing private tutoring is your child’s ideal course of action to get the results you want.