5 Shifts to Build Stunning Self Confidence in Your Daughter, Get Her College-Ready and on the Path to Lifelong Success and Lasting Happiness

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The five shifts every parent needs to make to help create stunning self-confidence in their daughter is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to ensure your daughter thrives in high school and college. 

Anyone can teach content, but few can change mindsets.

5 simple steps my clients use to build their daughter’s confidence, get her into a great college, and ensure she finds lifelong success and happiness

  • The simple system smart parents are using to ensure their daughter reaches her highest potential, even if she seems more preoccupied with her social life than with college.
    The real reason why girls struggle in college and why an impressive college application, high grades, high test scores, and success in high school are NOT an indicator of success in life, plus the secret system smart parents use to ensure their daughter’s success!
  • How our clients are igniting their daughter’s self-motivation, and getting her to take the lead on college applications, studying, and everything else they wish she would do (even if she is directionless, unmotivated, a procrastinator, paralyzed by fear, or thinks everything will just fall into her lap)
  • The real reason a high school girl shuts down and stops listening to her parents, and the strategies our clients use to communicate important information to their daughter (without her knowing it’s coming from them)
  • The secrets to helping over-achieving girls stop perfectionistic behaviors that lead to burn-out, and how they can find the balance they need to achieve greatness while finding more happiness and contentment.
  • AND how they manage to do all of this, while watching her confidence explode and seeing her become independent, while feeling more connected than they ever felt before!