New School Year!!!

It is the start of a new school year, and with that comes a lot of pressure on students and parents. As a teacher, I both dreaded and anticipated the beginning of the year; it was the end of the care-free summer, but also it was a great opportunity for students to start fresh.

Some students don’t see a new school year as a fresh start, and already feel defeated before walking through the doors of a classroom.  I find this is especially pervasive in students who claim “I’m just not good at Math.”  For some reason Math has gotten a particularly bad rap among students who don’t “get it” in a matter of instants.

I do not believe that anyone is naturally good or bad at Math; it is a learned subject just like language or an instrument.  Six years ago, when I was a teacher in Portugal, I began offering tutoring services and realized that students had the wrong idea about Math.  I also realized that “just” teaching Math wasn’t the antidote; I needed to change a student’s thinking and opinion of their abilities.

As an avid reader of books about the positive effects of thought and a certified 500-hour advanced yoga instructor, I began to work holistically with my students with staggering results: one student (struggling with a move from South Africa to Portugal) went from a D in her International Baccalaureate class to a B by year end of her 12th grade year, another student with severe dyspraxia went from a C student (with massive accommodations) to a B student with very few accommodations.

Recently, after moving back to the United States, I decided my work was best suited exclusively for private tutoring.  I would take all of my effort and energy and put them into helping as many students as I could change their mindsets and self esteem through Math and ACT test prep.  I have seen huge gains in scores and grades this past school year, and equate that to my unique approach and ability to connect with students.

I am grateful to be living my passion and helping as many students as I can each year!  I love what I do and am very successful in using calming techniques, self-esteem building, and breath to improve grades, to alter mindsets, and to change lives.

Please visit my website at 6oulx.hosts.cx if you would like to know more!