General Benefits of Private Tutoring

We all know that students with access to private tutors tend improve faster in subjects of difficulty than those without tutors.  By WHY?  What does tutoring really do for students?

  • Provides personalized attention

  • Improves grades

  • Increases knowledge and understanding of subjects

  • Increases motivation to succeed

  • Provides intensive practice

  • Allows progress at own pace

  • Leads to better use of study time

  • Improves self-esteem and confidence

  • Encourages higher levels of learning

  • Encourages self-directed learning

  • Reduces competition

  • Provides praise, feedback, and encouragement

  • Provides review of skills not mastered but no longer taught

  • Creates a sense of power and independence by the student

These are big pieces in the puzzle of how to get students to actually start liking school and feeling like they are capable of success!

Private tutoring is a financial investment, but if your child is struggling to achieve in school or doesn’t  like school, it is worth finding a tutor to help them.  Also, this does not mean that they will need tutoring forever.  A year of tutoring, in some cases, can completely transform a student.

New School-Year Habits

What are habits that can make this school year get off on the right foot?

1. Do your homework as soon as you get home.  Have a snack and relax for a few minutes, but don’t wait until late at night.  You will feel tired and work inefficiently.  The sooner you do your work, the fresher it is in your mind.

2. Keep a planner with all of your assignments in it.  Get really good at recording assignments so nothing is missed or forgotten.

3. Pick out your clothing the night before.  If choosing what to wear in the morning is a source of stress, pick something the night before and then stick with it.  You can waste less time worrying about what you’re wearing and start out the day feeling better.  The fewer choices to make in the morning, the better.

4. Choose a bedtime.  I know that it sounds really juvenile to have a “bed time” but all humans need good sleep at every age, and it is important that you are well rested.  Sleep makes you more able to learn and gives your brain the time it needs to process the information from the night before.   Try to get to bed before 11pm if possible.  There is science that shows that sleep before midnight is more effective than sleep after midnight.

5. Drink a big class of water right when you wake up, and then wait at least 10 minutes to eat anything.  Sleep is dehydrating, and it is important for the brain to be hydrated in order to function well.  I keep a big glass of water next to my bed while I sleep and drink it immediately when I wake up.

These are just a few relatively simple things you can do to make this school year more successful than the last!!!

Enjoy back-to-school time!!!

How Raising Grades and Test Scores Can Save You BIG Money!

Everyone knows that merit-based aid is based on merit, but what is all of your hard work actually worth?

$62: Each “A” on a teen’s transcript generated $62 worth of merit aid.

$400: Teenagers received roughly $400 for each tough course that they took. Courses that would qualify included Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and honors.

$115: Each 10-point improvement in the SAT above the average for Rochester freshmen garnered an extra $115.

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Also, there are monetized values for certain scholarships nationally that have certain cutoffs.

For example, at Baylor College, an ACT score of 34 will give you an automatic merit-based scholarship of $20,000/year.  32 gives $17,00 and 28 gives $14,500

This could give you up to $80,000 in savings over your entire degree!!  You see how important high scores are?  High grades in hard classes don’t even come close to the total savings you might experience from high test scores…though they also contribute in a visible way!

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